Sunday, 31 January 2016

K1 Fiance Visa For US Immigration

We are here to help you go about the K1 Visa process and do it yourself step by step. Just as you are experiencing now, we also were in the same situation, in pursuit of valuable information to help us through the process of obtaining our anxiously awaited K1 visa. We managed to come out successfully, ...


Tips to Avoid Cheating to Get Student Visa

Throughout your research for good australian schools is very important, be cautious for frauds. Some fraudsters operate underneath the guise of non-public schools to operate their companies. Student Visa Frauds Around the World Acquiring a police arrest records just as one illegal immigrant provides you with trouble finding jobs and travelling in the long term. This ...


Tuesday, 19 January 2016

What Career Will Suit Your Personality?

Are you confused on which career to opt for? Well, definitely your skills and degrees are major parameters of defining your career, but then your personality too plays a prime role in choosing the apt job profile for you. It’s because your job is going to be one of your life long aspects and like the right soulmate, if you cannot land up with the ideal career option matching up with your personality, you can never work happily. Here is a brief on how to pick up the ideal career option according to your personality.
Outgoing personality
Are you the “people’s person” who loves to go out and interact with people? Well, then you have an outgoing personality that makes you a fantastic mixer. People with outgoing personality usually do not prefer to stay bogged down with the red tapes in one place- they need space to explore their natural outgoing flair. People with outgoing personality and generally fantastic in striking conversations and are liked by all. Thus, the most suitable career for them would be that of a PR professional. The other careers suitable for outgoing people are flight attendance, travel agent, counselor, hospitality management and sales representative.

career 1

Introvert personality
There are people who prefer to stay in a reserved status and lack the urge to interact with anybody they meet. This doesn’t mean that they are dumb or unsocial but it’s just that they like to perform in their own space. Social climate in the professional sphere is never necessary for them. These people work the best as freelancers where they can work on their own. Research works would be suitable here as well as computer programming. According to many seasoned career counselors, introvert people score well in behind-the-scene jobs like library cataloguing & processing.

career 2

Dominant personality
Have you always been the leader among your friends and class projects? Do you have the ability to take decisions and make others work according to it, without disturbing harmony within the team? Well, then you have a true dominant personality and in this case it’s better that you try for administrative jobs. You can even start your own business as dominant people usually loathe working under somebody.
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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Part Time Jobs For Students In Australia

Part Time Student Jobs In Australia
There are a number of students who are seeking for best part time jobs so as to meet their finances while studying in Australia. There are even many students who are basically settled abroad for the sake of studies and so, they need to all the costs associated to living abroad together with travel adventures. Even though, one category of foreign students is the one that not only earns to cover its own expenses but earns the living of the families as well. The good thing is that there are many job opportunities for the students in Australia.

Well, when it comes to students jobs, a range of questions arise in your minds; which type of job I should do? How to find the right job? How much you will be paid? Will I feel comfortable in particular job? It’s definitely confusing for the students to decide for the jobs.
Which type of job search?
It all depends on your student visa together with your language ability, not on your course or skills. There might be some restrictions in your study visa so it’s quite important to check those constraints. If you own the standard student visa for Australia, you are definitely allowed to work up to 20 hours weekly plus full-time on the weekends and holidays.
You might be a student of PhD, but there are chances that you normally won’t get part-time job in this field. Still don’t worry, that’s fine too– it doesn’t really matter what you are doing, it will definitely be a part of your CV as your experience and it will help you to know about the workplace culture abroad.
International students tend to find work in the following fields:
  • Data entry staff
  • Waiting and bar staff
  • Warehouse staff
  • Language teachers
  • Retail staff
  • Call centre phone operators
All these jobs are very flexible for you in terms of part-time shifts, so you are able to take on even more work if the time plus coursework allows you. You must be confident in your local language ability before you apply for a job that expects you to communicate a lot face to face or even on phone– just like in marketing job research!

How to find Part Time Student job In Australia?

You can’t definitely find a job until you have finally settled in the new surrounding; employers normally prefer to meet the person they are going to hire.
Take the start from the job centre of your university or employment office. Besides that, look for current listings associated with local jobs that serve you in writing your CV and in preparing you for interview. There are many government-run job centers that tend to provide you jobs. Check local newspapers as well for convenient part-time jobs.

How much you will be paid for part time work?

Before signing any job contract, you must take into account all the terms associated to that job. There are many countries that have set a minimum wage those employers are bound to pay even to the part time workers; it is because of protecting the workers’ rights. In Australia, this minimum wage rate is $16.87 hourly. Even if there are the part time jobs for 14 years old, they will also be paid the same rate at least.
Payments may be processed fortnightly, weekly, or even monthly and normally these are deposited into employees’ bank accounts. You will be paying tax from your salary and so you will be registered for a local tax number once offered a job. Additionally, you may be entitled to the tax return at the time of leaving after your education.
What about voluntary work?
Even if you are not getting paid, nothing to worry; it is definitely worth taking part in voluntary work for certain non-profit organizations as it help in adding to your work experience. In this way, you will e able to learn valuable skills. On the basis of this experience, you can then apply for a job with much more chances of getting highly paid.
But how would you fit in?
Assignments, lectures, tutorials, language classes, exams, presentations and library study on one and hand, while on the flip side, shopping, cooking, social activities, eating, laundry, then you will be wondering how to manage 20 spare hours for work! Even though we didn’t mention sleeping. Right!
When it comes to part time jobs, it is very important to take into account your course workload. If you are already stressed because of heavy commitment to work and a lot of contact hours then you will definitely not choose extra work with more stress.
There are certain jobs that literally add new dimensions into your student life. You will find new friends, get new skills and know about your hidden talents. Basically, you will be able to highlight your study abroad experience.